What we do

  • Pandammonium: polishing your publicity
  • Panda Proofs: go to print with confidence
  • Panda CopyEd: your copy never read so well.

We are Pandammonium, and we aim to make your writing as polished and as professional as possible.

  • Convince your colleagues and peers of your arguments with well-written, concise sentences.
  • Draw your readers into your world with writing that flows.
  • Encourage good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
  • Pull in customers with professional-looking websites and marketing material.

You could copy-edit or proofread it yourself, but it’s difficult to spot your own mistakes.  The easiest way to avoid mistakes in your own text is to have someone else read it for you.  That’s where PandaProofs comes in.

Look out for PandaCopyEd, an upcoming service.

Who we are

CIEP: entry-level member

Caity is a freelance proofreader and copy editor, and founder of Pandammonium.

She has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Science, postgraduate degrees in Scientific Computing and English Language and Linguistics, and a PhD in Linguistics.

For several years, Caity worked in cheminformatics, allowing pharmaceutical companies to perform in silico research.

Caity has experience in detecting errors in text from working with candidates’ answers in English language exams from the lowest level to the highest. She has previously worked with colleagues to improve documentation for internal and external use.

Caity has successfully completed a course in proofreading and copy-editing, where she learnt how to use BSI marks for for copy preparation and proof correction.

She is an entry-level member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

In her spare time, Caity enjoys writing and reading. She can’t help but spot errors in books, marketing material, signs, packaging, web pages and more.

She is a reluctant runner, taking part in her local parkrun, usually as a volunteer now, and running alone or with a local friendly running group during the week. Long-distance walking has interested her recently, and she’s building up to walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path. Caity struggles through a Pilates class once a week and is convinced she must have abs of steel by now.

Caity belongs to a very fluffy cat.

You can read Caity’s endeavours on her personal website.

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